Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Assasins, revised.

OK, so you probably know all about The Game (you just lost it) by now, it's pretty mainstream. What you probably don't know is a scoring variation, based loosely on the concept of Assassins. The aim of this New Game is to plant traps for those around you, through the medium of Traps.
Basic rules are as follows:
1. Any number may play.
2.You score +1 for a kill and -1 for being killed.
3. Scores should be tracked by the individuals or a trusted judge. A solid record is preferable to memory.
4. All methods of death should be agreed by all players BEFORE they are employed.
5. Traps activate once, and are then rendered harmless.

A trap is an agreed trigger left where it will be discovered by the Target. At it's most basic this takes the form of a small piece of paper with BOMB written on it but can be anything you can arrange. Electronic traps (such as a Text document on a shared computer) and images are also popular.

In my group we have so far two traps, but I'm confident more will develop along with the game itself. Our traps are POISON and BOMBs, two obvious traps if we find them unexpectedly. These traps trigger in different ways, I'll start with the simpler of the two, BOMB.

BOMBs trigger when they are discovered by sight, and can be defused if removed without being seen. They are hidden somewhere the target will stumble across them. BOMBs are generally a piece of paper with bomb written across it, but can also be a picture of a cartoon bomb, or any agreed symbol of impending doom. That's it, BOMBs are seen and they go off, or are found by touch and defused. Simple.

POISON is slightly more tricky, but far funnier if taken to extremes. POISON is administered by concealing it somewhere in the target's food. Now you see why it's harder to do. POISON can take many forms, from a simple piece of paper labelled as such, to a banana skin hidden in a sandwich.  If the target finds the poison before eating, they have been saved by their caution, and they live. If they eat ANYTHING of the food, before discovery of the poison, they are killed. Now it gets funny, if they eat ALL the food, including the poison, they are immune to it this time, and live. For this reason, it can be very funny to hide large or disgusting poison in the food of an unfair player, just to watch them decide if they want to die or eat it and live.

OK, with that basic rundown you are all set to go out and start playing a REAL game. Feel free to contact me with any additions or improvements and maybe I'll post an updated version and hand you a nice credit for your troubles.

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