Saturday, 29 January 2011


I was in Coventry yesterday, and I noticed something odd. Sat leaning on a wall was a book, with a large orange post-it stuck to the front. Naturally, I was curious, what could be going on here? I approached, hesitantly at first, aware that there may be someone watching for my reaction. As I neared the book I could make out the message on the note " Free Book Take Me Home". Still not entirely sure, I picked the book up to check it wasn't obviously stolen, and some prankster was hoping to pass the blame. I noticed a small sticker on the spine of the book, it said "The Liberation of Literature". I was hooked. Opening the book I found another sticker explaining the basic concept of the site, and the community. I came home that night and joined BookCrossing right after I let the previous owner know the book was safe and on it's way.

If you have any books you no longer read, please consider BookCrossing as a way to pass the joy you got from them to the rest of the world. Registering a book is extremely simple, and releasing them even more so.

PS. here's a link to the site

Update: The book found its way to Shrewsbury, and Darwin's statue outside the library. It was scooped up while I was still inside.